Spaceship Repair Hangar

This is a walk through of the project I made of my for my final semester in college.

Music by - Chris Zabriskie ( all rights of music are reserved to their respective owners and this music was used under Creative Commons Licensing
Spaceship Concept Art by - shouzhiduanle
Smoke Effects – Epic Games Store Infinity Blade: Effects
Environment made with guidance from Clinton Crumpler in his UE4 Modular Environment Class.
Spaceship made with guidance from Jay Machado in his Hard Surface Modeling for Films CGMA Class.

Thanks To:
Jason Donati for being a huge mentor and guide through the creation of this project.
Modular Guidance - Clinton Crumpler
Hard Surface Spaceship Modeling Guidance - Jay Machado
Lighting Support – Nick Peterson
Texture Guidance - Kimberly Wagner
Support - Sam De Lara, Matt Clancy, Aimee Szabelski, Alex Fodor
Special thanks to my Dad!
Thanks to everyone who has taught me something along the way. I have learned a lot doing this project and during my last semester at college.

February 19, 2019