Built this City

A pop up animation in Cinema 4D of a city coming to life. 

The initial idea came from one of School of Motion's Cinema 4D Basecamp course projects. The goal with this project was to model a city with some provided assets and animate the city to life. 

It was a project idea that I loved and wanted to make it more my own. So I took time after the course ended and I focused on creating my own assets individually building up the shape and feel of my city. Then when I finally organized out how the final city would look, I broke the buildings and everything back down to work on animating each section. Then combined all the different animations into this final scene which is almost entirely animated with MoGraph Deformers. This was a super fun project that started as a small idea to get to know how Cinema 4D worked, and then turned into a much larger project as I decided to build my own assets from the ground up and the more I took the time to play around with different ideas and animation

February 26, 2020