ATP + WTA Tennis LED Animations

2024 The Netflix Slam

2023 WTA Finals

2023 Infosys Hall of Fame

2023 World Legends Mexico

Working with the SMT Creative team to bring to life amazing motion graphics for LED screens at a variety of ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (The Women's Tennis Association) tennis events is always a thrilling experience. Each major tennis event I've been a part of has been an incredibly fast-paced journey, from the initial storyboarding process to the sketches, rough animations, and all the way through to the final deliverables.

Through my collaboration with the SMT Creative team, our goal for every tennis animation was to craft compelling graphics that not only convey essential information but also evoke excitement and anticipation among spectators. Whether showcasing player statistics, match highlights, or sponsor promotions, my work seamlessly integrates with the live event environment, elevating the spectator experience to new heights.

I'm particularly proud of my involvement in events such as the Infosys Hall of Fame, where I led the initial design process, marking my first solo leadership in a tennis project. Another major highlight has been working on Netflix's first ever live tennis event, The Netflix Slam, where I spearheaded the creation of all onsite LED animations and graphics.

Each tennis event I've worked on has presented its own unique set of challenges, but it has also been an incredibly rewarding experience witnessing the animations bring the game to life. Working on such a diverse range of tennis events has allowed me to continually push the boundaries of animation and design, enhancing the viewer experience and advancing the art of visual storytelling in sports broadcasting.

October 5, 2023